BK Boreyko selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year


Congratulations to Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko, who was selected by Ernst & Young as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year. This outstanding recognition sets example to all Vemma Affiliates worldwide. 
The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award is the world’s most prestigious business award recognizing the most influential entrepreneurs. BK is among the very top entrepreneurs in the Mountain Desert Region section of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Program. He was previously awarded by Ernst & young in 1998 for his former company, New Vision International.
Stay tuned and see if BK gets the top award. Winners will be announced in June.

Arnaud Tagand is going to Barcelona. Are you?


I am extremely happy that I qualified for this event and I hope all hard-working people in my team and others will take part in this trip as well! We’ll meet there!

Become the product of the product and you may gather an army of consumers! Remember that “One who wants to succeed always finds a way; one who does not want to – finds an excuse.”

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Congratulations to the youngest Ambassador in Vemma Europe History


From a family of Champagne producers in Reims, France, Aurélien credits his family for his happy childhood, work ethic, and desire to succeed. 
From his youth, he was attracted to the idea of making his own decisions without a boss directing him. He studied science with a goal of eventually running the family business but soon learned that science was not his calling. His true desire was to gain financial freedom and make his family proud. 
A childhood friend introduced Aurélien to Vemma. He immediately joined for the opportunity to grow a project and work side-by-side with his friend.
Although lacking insight into the business model, he found the business exciting and decided to approach it as a game. A short 10 months later, he achieved Presidential —a track record recognized at YPR Revolution as the fastest in the world. At 11 months, he ranked Star Presidential and is on track to achieve Ambassador rank in his first year!

 “We started the Vemma Europe Team in France from scratch and had to create everything. But I knew I had found my way. I knew that network marketing would allow me to live my life with the freedom I wanted.”  — Aurélien Brest
Now Aurélien spends his days visiting members of his network — the biggest leaders of his organization — making the rounds throughout France at the wheel of his Vemma-funded BMW. He is motivated by the joy of those in his network as they persevere and succeed. 
“The secret to success is very simple. We are the most connected generation, and we have a whole bunch of tools at our disposal that allow us to follow-up with people who want to seize this opportunity. At Vemma, it’s not how we succeed that matters; it’s how we help others succeed.”  — Aurélien Brest

Afif Chahrstan is going to Barcelona. Are you?


It feels wonderful and very inspiring to go to Barcelona. I love this city and its soccer team! In just a few months, I've earned a good extra income and at the same time I’ve won a trip - this strongly motivates me to do an even better job. I managed to achieve Gold status 2 months in a row and got a free Auto-delivery. By working hard and helping one’s team anyone can qualify. Go for it and see you in Barcelona!
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Timo and Taria Saari, the 12-week Bod-e Challenge winners talk about their trip to Barcelona


We really had a fabulous trip to Barcelona, where we got to explore both the history and the present masterpieces. The weather was also favorable for us. If I’d known a year ago that I would have a change to receive this kind of fantastic prize, I might have squeezed a few more pounds off my weight. I have remained almost the same size, maybe a couple of pounds variation, but I feel the best. I have also kept my promise to return to cross-country trails.  More than 600 km is now behind and I’m very proud of it, because the past five years my exercise was to pick up the mail from the mailbox. I attached few pictures according to the last week's Finlandia Cross Country skiing competition. The competition was accomplished in very demanding conditions because this year the ski trails were rain-soaked.
Particular thanks to Vemma Europe team for solving various challenges and problems to make our trip a success. Barcelona was magnificent. There were lots to see and the people were very friendly. We got plenty of energy and drive and all of this came on top of the fact that I have felt much lighter and healthier after the weight lost.
Thank you Vemma Europe!
Best regards,
Timo and Tarja

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