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At the Vienna Convention, we announced a fresh new look for the website.

The new website provides important info about products, business and the Vemma opportunity, packaged in a beautiful, modern design that represents the brand perfectly.

Take a peek at how sleek and innovative the website will soon be.

Stay tuned for more information.

Home event videos now available!


Vemma is committed to your success. We want to help you put on great home events where your guests will have a great time and understand what Vemma is all about. With this simple system, telling the Vemma story is a snap. Just click the play button!

Videos are now available in English and German, with Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish languages soon to come.

Apart from the three videos above, Vemma Team is also working on providing you with: Verve Alternative Energy, Vemma Formula and This is Vemma longer version. Stay tuned for more info.

Go for the Gold is back — and more exciting than ever!


In the past 7 editions of Go for the Gold, more than 800 attendees took part in training sessions and networking opportunities. Many Vemma Elites launched their success stories at these fantastic weekend events.

Now Go for Gold is back in Europe and more exciting than ever. And it's here to stay! We invite you to Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdansk for a weekend of training, networking… and a lot of fun. We’ve transformed this event into a new Affiliate Certification Program, and you’ll be in our very first class!

What do you get when you qualify? You’ll start with a sneak peek at Vemma Europe HQ during an exclusive tour. Afterwards, you’ll have a blast with other qualifiers at an invitation-only welcome celebration. Then you’ll be our guest at a lavish dinner where your success will be recognized.

What’s more, you can bring your life partner to share the moment. The two of you will stay in luxury hotel accommodations for two nights — with all costs paid by Vemma!

You choose how to travel to Gdansk. Based on your qualification level, Vemma will add a special bonus to cover part of your travel expenses. The bonus is 150 EUR for Basic Qualification or 250 EUR for Enhanced Qualification. If you qualify at Supreme Qualification level, you’ll get FULL travel coverage! Life partners travel at their own expense.

What are you waiting for? Go for the Gold!

How to qualify?

Qualification period: week 37/2014 - 52/2014

Basic qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enhanced qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and then hit Diamond in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Supreme qualification

Hit Diamond rank for the first time and then maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enroller qualification

Be "paid as" Gold or higher and help one of your personally enrolled Affiliates in your right team and one in your left team qualify for the Go for Gold event.

Detailed qualification rules coming soon.

Vemma global-scale system migration


Due to the main Vemma systems upgrade entire Vemma will be having a maintenance period from approx. 2:00 AM Saturday September 13th.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please be aware because this upgrade is on a large, global scale, your Back Office, Vemma business app and Back Office Pro will all be unavailable during this time. Signing up and ordering will be available via only. The US Vemma IT team carefully examined the best time frames to implement this new system in order to ensure your business will be impacted on a minimal level.

Please note that while the technology will be upgraded, your Back Office, Back Office Pro and Vemma business app will remain unchanged visually.

Jaysuma Saidy Ndure – new Verve brand ambassador!

Verve Brand Ambassador

We’re thrilled to announce that Jaysuma Ndure is now a Verve brand ambassador. In coming months, he will endorse Verve in Europe – we are happy to share this info with you.

Who is Jaysuma Saidy Ndure? He’s a runner — but no ordinary runner. He can sprint 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. That places him among elite professional athletes worldwide.

Norwegian, born in Bakau Gambia on the west coast of Africa, Jays now lives and trains in Norway. At the Norwegian Grand Prix Florø 2014, Jays set a new record, completing the 100-meter sprint in 9.95 second. At 200 meters, he holds the men’s records in Norway and Gambia.

As you might expect, Jays is totally dedicated to keeping his body in shape. He lifts weights for body strength. He runs to toughen his endurance. And he practices every aspect of his sprinting form to achieve perfection. The result? Dazzling speed.

Jays is strategic about the foods that nourish his body. So it’s no surprise that he chooses the Vemma Formula in Verve. It gives his body more of what it needs to compete head-to-head with the world’s most gifted athletes.

When you meet Jays in person, you’ll be captivated by his charm. He moves among his fans with easy grace, accepting hugs from friends and delighted strangers. His joyful laugh starts at the soles of his feet, resonates throughout his body, and lights up his entire face. This is why his fans adore him.

We are happy that Jaysuma Ndure has chosen to help promote Verve. His dedication to sport made him a superstar on the track. We predict that his enthusiasm will supercharge the wellness industry too.

And he’ll feel right at home with the superstar Affiliates of Vemma Europe. Together, we’ll set new records of our own.


  • Personal best 100m: 9.95 seconds (2014)
  • Personal best 200m 19.89 seconds (2007)
  • Gold medal: 2003 African Junior Championships 200 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2003 African Junior Championships 100 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2004 Brazaville African Championships 100 metres
  • Bronze medal: 2012 Helsinki European Championships 100 metres
  • Kongepokal x 3: 2007, 2008, 2012 at the Norwegian Championships

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